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Tuesday, April 5, 2011



A accept U as Ur
B Believe in U
C call U just to Say Hi
D Doesn't Give up on U
E evisions the whole of U
F forgives Ur mistakes
G give unconditionally
H help U
I invites U over
J Just likes to be with U
K keep u as close at heart
L love U for whO u ar
M makes a difference in uR life
N never judges U
O offErs SupporT
P pick U up when U r down
Q Quiets ur tears
R ReSpect U
S Say nicE thing aBOuts u when U neEd to hear It
U underStand U
V Values U
W walks bEsides u
Y YelL when u neEd to ListenN
Z Zap U back To reality

our life full with alphabet